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... Cosmetic Procedures Invisalign® Cosmetic Fillings Bonding Procedures Cosmetic Contouring Crowns and Bridges Crown Lengthening Dental Bridges Specialty Dentures Excessive or Uneven Gums Ridge Augmentation Soft Tissue Grafts Replacement of Lost Gum Tissue Dental Implants Smoking and Implants Dental Veneers Oral Health Topics Introduction Fluoride The Preventive Program Fillings Infection Control Medication and Heart Disease Latex Allergy Age and Oral Health Tobacco Oral Piercing High-Tech Office Tooth Care What is Tooth Decay...

Air Abrasion
...Although air abrasion is not suitable for work on crowns and bridges, it is often used for bonding procedures, and on tooth restorations involving composite, or tooth-colored fillings...

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